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It's All In the Bag!

Gather around everyone. I assumed it was a morning meeting, which we did every Tuesday at 7:15 am before working out various areas.

As we gather, there was a special guest speaker name Naomi Grabus. As she was introduced, she said a few words, then took out a bag and instructed us to gather in a circle.

She started to sing the Hot Potato, Hot Potato song; as we tossed the bag to one another. Naomi, then said, "It's so hot. Hot potato, hot potato. Make it STOP. The bag stops with you! She looks at Rachel in her eyes as she says it. Alright, Ladies and gentlemen. Let's get to our areas. Everyone disbursed. She walks with Rachel and says, open the pre-packaged bag.

"What do you see?" she was asked, Rachel. All you need is in the bag, do you see it? "Look closer," said the host of the game. "What do you mean all I need in in the bag"? Start to pull the items out of the bag. "Okay," she replied. We all see one head, two brand new pairs of eyes, two ears, one mouth, a nose, a neck, two shoulders, two arms, two hands with fingers, two legs, two knees, and two feet with toes.

As the bag is now empty, Rachel looks up at Naomi with a look of utter confusion. Naomi states, "This is your bag with your life in it. You determine what you want yours to be. We are all given a 'life bag' at birth. When things happen to us, outside of our control, we use the bag things to keep us from trying and the good things to keep us going.

Bag Challenge

I challenge you to take a step back. Step back from the things that are making you feel like giving up. Step away from your' life bag' and instead go to the one who created the life. Step away from old thinking and step into time with God.

God sees all the work you are doing, even when it seems like no one else does. He sees how outside situations and others' choices have affected you. Our loving Father knows the multiple heartaches that you have endured.

Will you allow Him to walk this journey called life with you? Will you accept Him from this moment forward as head over your life?

Let Us Pray 💕

Father, in the name of Jesus, I don't know why you have chosen me considering all of my wrong decisions and missteps. But I am grateful that you have allowed such a time as this to experience your love, mercy, and grace. I don't know what my journey will look like, but I vow, today, to give my best in obedience and surrender to whatever you ask of me. I ask that you help me with heeding your call as I invite you into my life. In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

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