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Hitting a bump in the road

Life brings many challenges, circumstances, ups and downs – this is all a part of life.

Through much of what we go through can be for us to learn a lesson and/or help someone else. Be encouraged that no matter what you go through, especially when it is challenging and causes you to wonder where God is, know that you are only hitting a bump in the road.

This term was stated to my husband in 2010, when we learned that his combined kidneys were only functioning 10 %, after being rushed to the hospital. We went to doctor’s appointments, placed on transplant list, training, etc. for almost a year. In March 2011, God blessed me that I would be able to donate one of my kidneys to my husband. Even in this blessing, we faced many challenges during and after the transplant but if not for the several bumps in the road, I would not be able to celebrate 33rd years of marital bliss – BUT GOD!

So be encouraged… no matter what, continue to trust God, as He knows everything that we need and will endure… It’s just a bump in the road…

-Gwendolyn Houston-Johnson

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